How To Create A Stunning Galaxy Night Light

Ever dreamt of bringing the galaxy night light beauty into your room without having to leave the comfort of your earthbound abode?

Well, your cosmic dreams are about to get real! We’re diving into a DIY adventure that will sprinkle your nights with stardust. Imagine a luminous galaxy within arms’ reach, shining softly beside your bed.

This isn’t just about lighting; it’s about crafting an experience, a slice of the universe personalized by you.

Through a mix of creativity, a pinch of DIY magic, and some straightforward steps, you’ll craft a night light that’s not just a fixture but a journey through the cosmos.


Gather your space gear

Embarking on this stellar project begins with assembling your cosmic toolbox. It’s like preparing for a space mission; every tool and material plays a crucial role in the success of your galactic endeavor.

Imagine yourself as the commander of your own space workshop, where every item you gather is a piece of the puzzle in creating your galaxy night light.

This preparation phase is your first step into the cosmos, a foundation that sets the stage for the creation of something truly magical.

Materials you’ll need

Creating your galaxy night light starts with gathering a few essential items, each serving a unique purpose in bringing your piece of the cosmos to life.

  • Transparent Lampshade: This serves as your canvas, a blank slate where your celestial story will unfold. Consider the size and shape as it will dictate the expanse of your galaxy.
  • Drill or Needle: These are your tools for piercing the night sky, creating a myriad of stars. Choose a drill for precision or a needle for a more hands-on approach.
  • Colored Markers or Paint: Your palette for painting the cosmos. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of a nebula or the subtle shades of distant galaxies, these will bring color to your creation.
  • LED Bulb: The light source of your galaxy, casting a glow that will bring your stars to life. LED is preferred for its energy efficiency and cool temperature.
  • Fine Sandpaper: For smoothing any rough edges around your stars, ensuring they shine brightly without any interference.
  • Constellation Chart: Your guide to the stars. This will help you plot out famous constellations, making your galaxy night light both beautiful and astronomically accurate.

By gathering these materials, you’re setting the stage for a creation that’s uniquely yours, a blend of art, science, and personal expression.

Colored Markers

Designing your universe

Designing your galaxy night light is where creativity meets the cosmos. This step is about envisioning the universe you want to create, a personal galaxy that reflects your vision of the night sky.

  • Choose Your Constellations: Start by selecting constellations that hold meaning for you. This could be zodiac signs, familiar patterns, or even your own creations.
  • Sketch Your Galaxy: On a piece of paper, draft your starry night. This doesn’t have to be a masterpiece; it’s a blueprint for your creation. Think of it as sketching a map of your very own universe.
  • Transfer Your Vision: Gently transfer your sketch onto the lampshade. Use a pencil for faint lines that can guide your drilling or painting without being visible in the final product.

This design phase is your first foray into making your vision tangible, laying down the constellations and stars that will guide your project to completion.

Crafting stars and galaxies

Now, the exciting part: turning your lampshade into a portal to the cosmos. This is where your galaxy night light starts to take shape, with every star you create adding to the depth and beauty of your personal galaxy.

  • Puncturing the Sky: Carefully use your drill or needle to make small holes in the lampshade, following your sketched guide. Each hole represents a star, so consider varying the size for a more realistic effect.
  • Smoothing the Edges: After drilling, some edges around the holes may be rough, potentially dimming the brightness of your stars. Lightly sand these areas to ensure that your stars can shine their brightest.

Creating the stars and galaxies on your lampshade is a delicate process, requiring patience and precision. But as you work, you’ll see your galaxy come to life, a testament to your creativity and effort.


Adding cosmic colors

With the stars in place, it’s time to add color to your galaxy. This step is about bringing depth and vibrancy to your creation, transforming a simple lampshade into a mesmerizing galaxy night light.

Painting the night sky

Adding color to your galaxy is an opportunity to experiment and play with hues and techniques to create a truly mesmerizing effect.

  • Connecting Constellations: Use your markers or paint to add lines between stars, outlining constellations. This step is about bringing structure to your cosmos, linking individual stars into recognizable patterns.
  • Color Shifting: Explore with different colors and blending techniques to mimic the dynamic and vibrant hues found in the galaxy. Layering colors can create depth, making your galaxy appear more three-dimensional.

Painting your night sky is a chance to express yourself, to blend science with art. Each stroke adds character to your galaxy, making it a reflection of your imagination and creativity.

Assembling and illuminating

The final step in your cosmic journey is assembling your galaxy night light and bringing it to life. This is when your project transcends from a creative endeavor to a functional piece of art, a source of light and inspiration.

  • Bulb Compatibility: Before inserting the LED bulb, ensure it fits well within your lampshade. The right bulb not only illuminates your galaxy but also ensures its longevity and safety.
  • Mounting the Shade: Carefully attach your decorated lampshade to the light fixture. This step is about integrating your galaxy into your living space, making it a part of your daily environment.
  • Light Adjustment: Turn on your light and witness the transformation. Your room is now bathed in the soft glow of your personal galaxy, a space where the cosmos and creativity meet.

Assembling and illuminating your galaxy night light is the culmination of your efforts, a moment of triumph where your vision becomes a reality.


Usage and care

Your galaxy night light is more than just a DIY project; it’s a personal creation that adds beauty and intrigue to your space. Here’s how to ensure it remains a shining beacon in your room.

Keeping it clean

Maintaining the brilliance of your galaxy night light is essential for its longevity and beauty.

Regularly dust the lampshade with a soft cloth to prevent buildup and ensure that your stars continue to shine brightly.

If necessary, gently wipe the lampshade with a slightly damp cloth to remove any marks or stains. Be careful not to damage the paint or drill holes.

Changing bulbs

The heart of your galaxy, the LED bulb, is what brings the entire project to life. Ensuring it’s properly maintained is key to enjoying your night light for years to come.

When the bulb dims or burns out, carefully replace it with a new LED bulb of the same size and wattage. This keeps your galaxy shining without compromising the lampshade or its colors.

Safety first

Creating a galaxy night light is an exciting project, but safety should always be your top priority. These final tips ensure that your journey to the stars is both successful and safe.

  • Be Careful with Tools: Always use tools with care, especially when drilling or sanding. Protective gloves can prevent accidents, and working on a stable surface ensures precision.
  • Check Electrical Safety: Before plugging in your night light, double-check all electrical connections. If you’re unsure about the wiring, consult a professional to avoid any risks.



Crafting your own galaxy night light is a journey of creativity, a blend of art, science, and personal expression. It’s a project that not only lights up your room but also connects you to the universe in a unique and personal way.

As you gaze upon the twinkling stars and vibrant galaxies you’ve created, remember that this is your piece of the cosmos, a reminder of your creativity and connection to the vast, mysterious universe. Let your galaxy night light be a source of inspiration, wonder, and infinite possibilities.



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